30 Traffic Generation Tips | SEO

Thanks to DailyBlogTips to take public opinions on how to increase Traffic Generation for sites or blogs.I have shown you some of them below.
Now, without further delay, the 30 Traffic Generation Tips.

How to edit HTML in blog | Blogger Tips

In this post, I have explained how to edit HTML code in the blogger blog.To make blog effective, you may need editing HTML many of times. It is very easy than you think it. You do not to be expert or acquainted with HTML code. Just follow the step:

How to submit your blog sitemaps to Yahoo Search Engine ?

I have explained here how to submit blog or sites in yahoo sitemaps. It will index your pages in yahoo search engine.It means if anybody search your blog in search engines , they will get it. It also helps to find any errors in your site ,popular page and what search engine queries. In the following post , you will get step by step instructions how to add sitemaps in yahoo. See also Submit sitemaps in Google.

How to submit blog sitemaps to Google Search Engine ?

If you are beginner, you are thinking what the Google sitemap is and how it will help you. To index your blog to Google search engine, you are to submit sitemap of your blog. The Google bot will crawl and index pages of your blog, if any problem occurs it will show status error.It also help you know what people searched in search engine to find your blog.To make your blog popular and to get a lot of free  traffic it is necessary to add sitemaps in search engines.

Top 20 Free Blog Hosts

There are many free blog hosts in web.You can choose one of them to make your blog .

How to create a Blog with Blogger ?

There are a lot of Free blog hosts.You have choose one of them. But I prefer Blogger.com. Because everything is very easy here . I have explained here how to create blog with Blogger. Just follow the steps or you can watch video at the below.