How to submit blog sitemaps to Google Search Engine ?

If you are beginner, you are thinking what the Google sitemap is and how it will help you. To index your blog to Google search engine, you are to submit sitemap of your blog. The Google bot will crawl and index pages of your blog, if any problem occurs it will show status error.It also help you know what people searched in search engine to find your blog.To make your blog popular and to get a lot of free  traffic it is necessary to add sitemaps in search engines.

Step by Step Blog Submission To Google Search Engine

Step 1: Visit Google Webmaster Tools and sign in your google account.

Step 2:Add your site here. Don't use http:// before your blog or site name (use

Step 3: Verify your site.There are two steps to verify it. Choose Add a meta tag (from verification method drop down menu).

submit to google

Step 4:Now you will see a meta tag just like this image. Copy this meta tag.

google webmaster for blog submission

Step 5: Paste this meta tag just after <head>tag.Just like this image.If you don't know how to edit HTML in blog, visit Edit HTML In Blog.

Step 6: Click on verify button . You see this button on Step 4.The site or blog will be verified within few minutes.

Step 7: This is last step.Now submit sitemaps as image at right.You can add more than one.Some options:

add sitemaps to google search engine

You can check it after few hours.You will see details(errors or index pages or url etc) about your blog or site. See also Submit Blog/sites to Yahoo.

Edited on 7th December,2009:
Dear Blogger, If you burn your feed with feedburner then above submission 
feeds/posts/default or feeds/posts/default?alt=rss can give you sitemaps errors. For solution you can use any one of the following urls:
feeds/posts/default?redirect=false or
start-index indicates index of your blog posts. It depends on your no of exisiting blog post. 

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shadowmoon - March 12, 2009

This post was really useful.
Explain in a simple manner yet in an efficient manner.

AssassinX189 - December 07, 2009

I can't submit sitemap that way, maybe because I'm using FeedBurner. Have to use atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=100 instead.

Russel - December 07, 2009

Hi AssassinX189,
You are right. Google Webmaster tool now shows errors for /feeds/posts/default submission. As solution you can use alternatively /feeds/posts/default? redirect=false or atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=100. Anyway thanks a lot for your query.

Nick Matyas - January 05, 2010

very good posting,i liked it.
thank you for this post.

Nick Matyas - January 14, 2010

Your posting is so valuable. Thanks for your posting.

Pescar Hoinar - March 25, 2010

Thanks for this great tip.
Indeed I was using Feed Burner and I wasn't able to upload my sitemap like I did in the past.
Thanks again.

Bal Timsina - April 03, 2010

Hey Russel, it really helped me, thanks a lot for your great work.
Thanks Again.

loft conversions cardiff - December 03, 2010

I really like your blog.Thank you for sharing such a wonderful information.

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