How to submit your blog sitemaps to Yahoo Search Engine ?

I have explained here how to submit blog or sites in yahoo sitemaps. It will index your pages in yahoo search engine.It means if anybody search your blog in search engines , they will get it. It also helps to find any errors in your site ,popular page and what search engine queries. In the following post , you will get step by step instructions how to add sitemaps in yahoo. See also Submit sitemaps in Google.

Step by Step yahoo submission

Step 1: Visit Yahoo Site Explorer and sign in with your existing yahoo account.

submit to yahoo
Step 2: Add your blog ( on Add My Site.

yahoo submission
Step 3: Now Authenticate your site by adding meta tag on your blog or site.
submit blog to yahoo search engineStep 4: Now add meta tag just after the (head tag) in the blog.Don't know how to edit HTML in blog, see this post Editing HTML In Blog. Click Ready to Authenticate that you see in Step 3.

submit sitemaps to yahoo engine
Step 5: Now click on explore button just after blog name.Then you will see a page just like image below. Then click on submit it for free.

step by step yahoo submissionStep 6: There are two options (a)Submit a website or webpage or (b)Submit site feed. First choose option (a). Enter your blog Address.Then choose option(b).Enter your blog feed address. Normally the feed url is ( Here option may be one of them:

Yahoo Submission
That's all. After few days , search your blog name ( in yahoo search engine. You will find it there. See also :

Submit your blog to Google sitemaps

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Technosharia - April 22, 2009

It doesn't work with me
plz see the img url

Russel - April 23, 2009

Hey Technosharia,
You need to add "/" at the end of META tag, just before ">". Look at the below tag.


I add a "/" just before ">".Rest of the code will remain same. I hope now it works well.

Technosharia - April 23, 2009

Thanks a lot Russel, it works now!

Best Regards

fundoo - September 12, 2009

thanks for sharing..

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Sunil - January 18, 2012

Very helpfull.. I was trying to submit from long back but today I succeeded. ThanQ

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