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I have already described how to burn a Blogger Feed and redirect it to FeedBurner Feed. Today I will show how to add FeedBurner Email to Blogger Blog. Email Subscribtions is a service of FeedBurner for publishers to offer their subscribers to receive latest content of blogs or sites via daily email. To add FeedBurner Email Subscriptions to your blog:

Step by Step Email Subscription

Step 1: Login into your FeedBurner account.

Step 2: Select your blog in which you will add Email Subscriptions . Now Click on Publicize tab. Then select Email Subscriptions.
Email Subscription

Step 3: Now Click on Activate Button.

how to add email subscription

Step 4: Then you will get code . Copy and paste the code in your blog where ever you like.
email in blog

You are done. If you want to add this as a Gadget then see how to add Widgets in Blogger Blog.

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Russel - March 14, 2009

Hey CreativeBlogger, Thanks for your comment.I will check your site now.

rakesh - March 16, 2009

cool posts. well simplified !!

sherry_yao - March 17, 2009

Great. Just follow your steps and add the widget. Thanks for sharing.

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Jazzy - May 24, 2009

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Anonymous - February 08, 2011

Thanks, I did everything, but not sure what to do next. How do I see those subscribers? When I'm logging into feedburner all i see is 0 subscribers, even though i know there are some subscribers.

artyheart - May 01, 2011

I did that .. and i can see my subscribers too.. but when i post a new post,they don't receive an e-mail notifying it to them. What can i do ?

Russel - May 01, 2011

Your subscribers have to subscribe through email subscription not RSS subscription. RSS and Email subscription are not same.

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