How to redirect feed to FeedBurner | Blogger Help

Blogger can redirect feed traffic of your blog to FeedBurner feed. It will help you to track 100% of your feed traffic and interact with all subscribers with FeedBurner account. To redirect Blogger feed:

Step 1
Login into Blogger account .

Step 2: From Blogger dashboard , click on Settings tab of your blog.

Step 3: Select Site Feed tab.

redirect feed

Step 4: Now type your Feedburner Feed Url into the Post Feed Redirect URL text field. Be sure that you include http://

feedburner help

Step 5: Click Save Settings.

You are done. Now Blogger will redirect feed traffic of your blog to Feedburner feed.

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Sílvia - March 12, 2009

Hello Russel!
Useful recommendation.
Thanks by visiting my blog.

Lilian - March 13, 2009

oh useful tips i will follow it with my 2 new blogs...thanks fo the tip

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