How to backup your blog | Blogger Tips

Blogger offers simple process to backup your blog . You may create backup of your blogger blog on the hard drive just by two clicks. You may need this backup , if you accidentally delete your any posts or whole blog.

How to get free backlinks from higher page rank website | SEO Tips

 free one way backlinksOne way links or backlinks are very important for a website or blog. If you get more one way backlinks from higher page rank to your site then more your Google page rank and more traffic you will get. But it is not easy to get free right and quality backinks from higher page rank website. You will find many sites those offer backlinks from higher page rank sites by some cash $. They use some techniques which are very easy and effective. You can also use these tricks to get free one way backlinks. Lets see what the tricks we can apply:

Easy Understanding One Way BackLinks | SEO Tips

One way link is one of the buzzing words in Search Engine Optimization topic. It is very important for a site or blog. More quality links you have, more popular your site/blog will be. More popular your blog, more traffic you will get. Search Engine uses the number of links to your sites to determine your site popularity. Lets start all about One Way Links.

Customize Page Navigation Links | Blogger Tips

By default, Blogger shows a navigation link after each post. This navigation link offers reader to navigate Older posts,Newer posts and Home page. You may want to show image instead of text link for looking good. Today as a Blogger tips , I am going to described how to change this Navigation link to your preferable one. Before starting look at below image:

How to switch or transfer a blog to a different accounts | Blogger Tips has given opportunity to transfer a blog from one google account to another. It is necessary when you have multiple Blogger or Google accounts and to maintain multiple blogs in different account is hard. So you can switch a blog from older account to newer and manage all blogs from single account. Moreover, when somebody sells a blog, he/she can transfer a blog rather than sharing account's username or password.

Submit blogs/websites to Russian "Yandex & Rambler "Search Engine| SEO Tips

I have posted about Search Engine Optimization and I have already written the process to submit blogs or websites to Google , Yahoo and other top most search engines. We know Google, Yahoo or MSN Live are the leading search engine. But there are a lot of local search engines for specific country around the world and we almost forget or neglect them. But to get more traffic these local search engines can play an important role. If you are thinking to build a small or large online business then keep an eye on these local search engines to make it successful.

How to Add Share This or Bookmark Button | Blogger Tips

 Add Share This button

After posting how to add social bookmarking button some readers ask me to write a post on how to add Share This or Bookmark button. There are many sites who give this button. You can search in Google for "Free Share This button". I am taking as an illustration. You will get any button of above image from this site. So here is the process to add share this or Bookmark button on your post:

How to make a blog Private | Blogger Tips

Blogger or Blogspot permits to make a blog private. By default Blogger make a blog public that means anybody can visit that blog. But Blogger offers more two options to make a blog private. 1. Only blog authors and 2. Only people you choose. I am going to discuss both step by step. First of all, you can restrict your blog to only authors. Blogger permits at most 100 authors for each blog(I have already posted the process to add multiple authors). So if you choose this option nobody but blog authors can view the blog. But they have to log in before reading that blog. Now come to second option (Only people you choose). You can give permission to specific readers for viewing your blog and you can have up to 100 readers. This readers need to log in before reading the blog. Now I will show how to make a blog private.

How to add Multiple Blog Authors | Blogger Tips

Blogger or Blogspot offers team blogs. More than one author can write post on one blog. This is a great opportunity for a community or organization to share a blog. Blogger makes it easy to set up multiple authors. You can have up to 100 authors for single blog. In multiple Blog Authors system , by default only one author get the administrative power(able to edit settings, template or others post). Other authors only can write a post or edit his own posts. But Admin of a blog can give them admin privileges manually. Before doing that a caution for you, new admin can remove your admin privileges anytime. I have described here the process to add multiple authors to Blogger blog.

Adding Social Bookmarking Buttons | Blog Tips

Adding Social Bookmarking Buttons
Today I am going to expose the tips on how to add social bookmarking button in your post. Before that, shortly I will describe What is Social Bookmarking? Why is it needed? Social Bookmarking is online service of bookmarking where you can store and manage your bookmarks. You can watch your bookmarks from everywhere and you can share it with world. The main purpose of social bookmarking is to give opportunity to the readers to submit your post to popular social bookmarking sites and let people know. It will increase your blog traffic and SEO factors. For details search in the Google. Now here is the Blogger Tips to add social bookmarking button in your post.

Submit on ASK.COM Search Engine | SEO Tips

Submit on ASK.COM
As the process SEO tips on submission of Blog to top search engines, Today I am going to described how to submit blog sitemap on ASK.COM search engine. Submission in ASK.COM is a little bit different from Yahoo or Google submission, here you don't need any account. When I am looking for the steps to submit my blog on ASK.COM, I get the following information from ASK.COM

Submit Blog or Website on MSN Search Engine | SEO Tips

websites submission on MSNMSN is one of the leading search engines. I have already exposed the blogging tips on how to submit sitemaps to Google and Yahoo search engine. I hope your blog or website is indexed at Google and Yahoo. For Beginner tips: If you are not sure how to check whether your blog is indexed or not. Search in Google or Yahoo for " site:" , If your blog is indexed then you can see it in search result. Today I am going to tell the steps of MSN submission. Comparatively it is easy than Yahoo or Google. Only you have to submit URL of your blog or website.

Add Image Icon Before Post Titles | Blogger Tips

I have recently exposed the tips to add favicon to Blogger Blog. Now I am going to tell you how to add icon or image before each post title. You may notice in famous blogs using icon before post title.

Image Icon before post titles

How to Add a Favicon | Blogger Tips

Today I am going to tell a Blogger Tip on How to add a Favicon to your blog or website. Before starting I will expose Favicon before Beginners in Blogging world. First of all what is Favicon? Favicon stands for favorite icon. It is a small image which is associated with website or blog. It is shown next or before site name in the URL bar of the most browsers.Look at following image:

what is Favicon

How Search Engine Optimization works- lesson 2

SEO overview

what is seoToday I am gonna to describe the definition and the primary purpose of SEO. Later on I will show step by step different ways to get optimization. So let's start.. We are more or less familiar with the keyword SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization. If you are very new to SEO keyword no problems keep reading the post to explore it. First of all the definition of SEO:

Show Blog Post Title First on Search Engine | SEO Tips

If your Blog title appears first followed by Blog post title in search engine ,then just keep reading the post to solve this problem. Before going to solution, I will explain you how this event can make a bad effect on your Blogs or sites traffic.

For example, your blog title is " Latest Blogger Tips and Tricks" and blog post title "Show Blog Post Title First on Search Engine ". If anybody search for this post , he may see this post in search engine like this:
Latest Blogger Tips and Tricks: Show Blog Post
your blog description here

Recent Blogger Updates on Twitter

Blogger Team is now using Twitter. Follow the official Team of Blogger on Twitter. They have decided for publishing short updates in Twitter for Blogger users besides Blogger Buzz. So to get recent updates , official announcement or new features Follow Blogger. If you have no Twitter account , you can join Twitter now. More information on Twitter visit my post on Twitter and how to use Twitter

How to hide or remove Navbar | Blogger Tips

Blogger Navbar is a default feature in which you can search for blogs and there is also a shortcut button to customise your blog. It is located at the top of your Blogger or Blogspot posts. It looks like the following image.

remove Blogger NavbarMany of Bloggers hide this Navbar because it looks less attractive. So here I will tell the process to hide this Blogger Navbar.

Automatically Update Recent Post and Comment to Twitter

I have described in my another post about Twitter and ways to drive traffic through it. Today I will tell you how to automatically update recent post and comment in Twitter. Suppose you have 5 blogs , you want to inform your Twitter followers about your recent post and comment. Then it will be tiring to update recent post or comment in Twitter each time you write a post or someone give a leave a comment in your blog. If you want to get rid of it , keep reading my post.

Twitter To Get More Traffic | Blog tips

" It's one of the fastest-growing phenomena on the Internet." - New York Times
" Twitter is on its way to becoming the next killer app." - Time Magazine

Here are quotes from two world famous newspapers and magazines about Twitter. I think now you can realise the importance of Twitter for coming days. If you are new to Twitter , keep reading this post.