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One way link is one of the buzzing words in Search Engine Optimization topic. It is very important for a site or blog. More quality links you have, more popular your site/blog will be. More popular your blog, more traffic you will get. Search Engine uses the number of links to your sites to determine your site popularity. Lets start all about One Way Links.

What is One Way Links ?

One way link means that a website links to your website but your site does not link back to that site. One way links are also known as backlinks or inbound links. For example, your Website is A. Other Websites B, C, D etc are linking to A. It means there is at most one text link or image link in each B, C, D Websites/blogs that links to A. But A doesn't have any back link to B,C,D. For more clarification look at the above image.

Why One Way Links are important ?

It is important because most of the search engines determine a Website popularity by checking how many relevant sites link to that Website. If you get backlinks from higher page rank websites then search engine ranking of your Website/blog will increase. And the higher your search engine ranking the more traffic you will receive. More visitors visit your site there will be more probability to earn more money.

Be caution about Link Relevancy

Link relevancy is another matter of concern in One way link policy. It is also used as part of an algorithm to determine Search Engine Ranking of your site. Because one may create thousand of blogs or junk sites and link them to a site or blog to increase link popularity. But the quality of the sites that link to yours is very important. Each website has it's own "page rank". A website with higher page rank will increase your link popularity rather than website that has none.

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LazyKing - April 26, 2009

1st, i knew that links are veru useful for SEO. Thank you for clearing it up for me.
Your blog is awesome. I'm following you

raj - December 18, 2009

thank you very much to clear backlink concept.Its is quite confusing.

muddaser altaf - February 18, 2010

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