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 Add Share This button

After posting how to add social bookmarking button some readers ask me to write a post on how to add Share This or Bookmark button. There are many sites who give this button. You can search in Google for "Free Share This button". I am taking as an illustration. You will get any button of above image from this site. So here is the process to add share this or Bookmark button on your post:

Get your Share This or Bookmark Button code

Step 1: First of all you need to register here. To register go to

Step 2:
After registration process, select the link Get the Button just like below image:

add  Bookmark Button

Step 3: Then you will get some options to create a button. From there choose your preferable option. Click on Get Your Button Code.
add social bookmarking button

Step 4: Now you get your code. So follow the following instruction.

Add Share This or Bookmark code To Blogger Post

Step 5: Login to

Step 6: From dashboard choose Layout then select Edit HTML. Select the Expand Widget Template check box. Before editing HTML, download your full template for your safety.

Step 7:If you like to add this button after each post then find out <data:post.body/> tag

Step 8: Now add your button which you get in Step 4 after this tag.

button code here

Step 9: As an alternative of Step 7, If you like to add this button at post footer then find out <div class='post-footer'> tag. Add your code after this line. I have seen a screenshot below:

How to Add Share This or Bookmark Button
Now you have completed your process. I hope you like this blogging tips. I expect your feedback. If you need any Blogger tips , then post it in comment box.

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Anonymous - April 24, 2009

I have added this but dint work for me.

henry j - May 15, 2009

ya its really very great post. i tried this trick with my blog. its working Just check it out

loan-experts - May 27, 2009

Thanks for such wonderful post

abhi - July 01, 2009

thanks for the post

Ben - July 15, 2009

Thanks, it really works!!!

Marvin the Martian - July 23, 2009

Thank you, that works perfectly! You are the expert!

Anonymous - August 27, 2009

how to add sharing buttons [like stumble, technorati] to our blog , that your blog is having

Russel - August 28, 2009

For this type of sharing buttons you need to implement HTML CODE in your blog.Contact me through email so that i can help you.
Best of luck :))

RWDub - September 10, 2009

Thanks worked great on my blog.

SRMcEvoy - November 12, 2009

Worked like a charm. Just floated it to the right hand side.

gazza - December 03, 2009

Thanks for this, I have been frustrated all night trying to get some sort of sharing button to work. I wish I found your post sooner. :)

arunkumar - February 22, 2010

thanks for the information,but i like to put the button at the beginning of each post in my blog

Danny Chandra - August 10, 2010

thanks for the info! i've tried it and it works well

jack - September 06, 2010

This is what I been looking for, thank you already share information

OurDailyGospel - September 06, 2010

thanks for the great post, really help. peace be with you...

USEFUL WEBSITE - September 08, 2010

very good information , thanks

chennai muthu

David - January 10, 2011

Thanks for sharing it.

Ken - May 28, 2011

Nice.. :)
it works on me.. :)

Trade4target - June 25, 2011

Thanks for adding your valuable information here. Really nice of you. Keep in touch and have a nice day ahead.


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