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 free one way backlinksOne way links or backlinks are very important for a website or blog. If you get more one way backlinks from higher page rank to your site then more your Google page rank and more traffic you will get. But it is not easy to get free right and quality backinks from higher page rank website. You will find many sites those offer backlinks from higher page rank sites by some cash $. They use some techniques which are very easy and effective. You can also use these tricks to get free one way backlinks. Lets see what the tricks we can apply:

1. Submit your blog or site links to well known web directories. There are a lot of free web directories which you can find in search engines. For example:,, are very familiar blog directory. Getting listed in directories not only increase page rank but also bring a lot of traffic to your site.

2. Visit as many related blogs or sites as you can. Comment on the post you have just read and keep a link of your site there. But make sure you don't spam. Try to write some things admiring the post which will encourage the blog author to publish your comment.

3. Now write some good contented articles about your blog/site and submit them to top articles directories. Search in Google for higher page rank articles directories. For example: and are two of the leading articles directories. You will get backlinks from sites at the same time a lot of traffic. Most amazing matter that, this article may use in other people's website with a link to your site.

4. Join some forums , discussion boards that are related to your site or blog. Try to give nice answers asked by other members and refer them to your site for more information. Or post your question adding a link to your site at signature. This will also drive traffic to your site.

One important point I have missed that try to write good content so that readers willingly link to your site. More informative and useful post you have more probability to get more one way backlinks. But this is tough for new websites. So continue writing good posts.

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smikesell - April 28, 2009


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Another Blogger - April 29, 2009

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Shaun - May 04, 2009

Building your links for your site is helpful to drive traffic to it. You need traffic if you want your site to be listed on top of the SERPs. Links that I am referring to here is called backlinks or inbound links. These are links that are capable of directing to your site coming from other websites. These inbound links are also used by search engines as indicators on how well is your link popularity and how many visits your site is having.

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Russel - May 21, 2009

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Hasan - May 25, 2009

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sumon - June 09, 2009

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postatlanta - August 01, 2009

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Russel - August 03, 2009

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About blogger - August 09, 2009

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Amit Kumar - September 27, 2009

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Dashrath - May 06, 2011

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Abhishek - June 03, 2011

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Abhishek - June 03, 2011

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Sunil - January 19, 2012

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