How to switch or transfer a blog to a different accounts | Blogger Tips has given opportunity to transfer a blog from one google account to another. It is necessary when you have multiple Blogger or Google accounts and to maintain multiple blogs in different account is hard. So you can switch a blog from older account to newer and manage all blogs from single account. Moreover, when somebody sells a blog, he/she can transfer a blog rather than sharing account's username or password.

 Switch a blog to different account

Step 1
: Log in to

Step 2: From dashboard select Settings then click on Permissions tab.

how to transfer

Step 3: Then click on Add Authors button. You will get a form to enter the email address of new account. Then click on invite button.
transfer a blog

Step 4: A confirmation email is sent to this new account. From new account click on link to join as Author. The confirmation email look like below image:

switching a blog
Step 5: Now login to Old Blogger account. Follow step 1 and 2 again. Then beside new author you will find a link named Grant admin privileges. See below image for more clarification:

switch or transfer a blog to a different account
Step 6: Click on this link. You will get a pop up message to confirm it. Click on Grant Admin Privileges button.

 switch a blog

Step 7: Again login to New Blogger account. Follow Step 1 and Step 2 .Now beside your old account you will find a link as Revoke Admin Privileges. See image below:

switch or transfer a blog

Step 8: Click on this link. You will get again a pop up message to confirm it. Now click on Revoke Admin Privileges button.

 transfer a blog

So you have finished your job. You can't find your blog anymore in older account but it is available to new account now. I hope you like this blogging tricks. I appreciate your feedback.

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saytu - October 22, 2009

But in 7th option i have problem, in 7th option we can see 2 authors. One is my , and 2nd is my old, in which we have to revoke ?

Blogger Tips - October 23, 2009

Simply you have to revoke the old account.

Anonymous - May 02, 2010

Great advice, thank you very much! It worked perfectly.

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