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Submit on ASK.COM
As the process SEO tips on submission of Blog to top search engines, Today I am going to described how to submit blog sitemap on ASK.COM search engine. Submission in ASK.COM is a little bit different from Yahoo or Google submission, here you don't need any account. When I am looking for the steps to submit my blog on ASK.COM, I get the following information from ASK.COM

Q: Does support sitemaps?

A: Yes, supports the open-format Sitemaps protocol. Once you have prepared the sitemap, add the sitemap auto-discovery directive to robots.txt as follows:
SITEMAP: http://www.the URL of your sitemap here.xml
The sitemap location should be the full sitemap URL. Alternatively, you can also submit your sitemap through the ping URL: URL of your sitemap here.xml
Please note that sitemap submissions do not guarantee the indexing of URLs. To learn more about the protocol, please visit the Sitemaps web site at

After getting this , I submit my sitemaps easily. Now follow the instruction to submit your blog sitemaps to ASK search engine.

Submission Blog Sitemap.xml to ASK.COM

First of all you need to find out your Blogger Blog sitemap URL . For example my Blog URL: so Blog sitemap URL is:
or you can try:

So your blog sitemap URL is: . Replace the the red portion with your real Blog Url.

3. Now keep the following address at the Url Bar in Browser and visit it.

4. After the successful submission of Sitemap.xml, you can see the Successful submission message from just like below:
Submit Blog Sitemap on ASK.COM Search Engine
I hope you like this post. For Any query about this post, just keep a comment below.

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It's very interesting and funny!

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