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" It's one of the fastest-growing phenomena on the Internet." - New York Times
" Twitter is on its way to becoming the next killer app." - Time Magazine

Here are quotes from two world famous newspapers and magazines about Twitter. I think now you can realise the importance of Twitter for coming days. If you are new to Twitter , keep reading this post.

What is Twitter ?

twitter traffic

Twitter is a online service for family, friends, co-workers, fans to communicate through the exchange of short messages. Each message can be up to 140 characters. It is nearly same of other social networks like Facebook, Myspace etc. The most interesting feature in Twitter is Mobile Phone SMS. If you are away from the computer, you can still stay connected through Mobile Phone.
If you don't have any Twitter account, join Twitter . Now you can make your friends or followers. Follow me or be friend of mine here.
what is twitter

How to increase Traffic or Visitors through Twitter

Now you have twitter account. Give answer or update What you are doing now within 140 characters. This message will be sent to all your followers. To increase traffic of your blog or site, one trick must be applied. In each message give a link of your blog or your recent post. Try to update your status regularly. If you want to automatically update your recent posts or recent comments on Twitter status(What are you doing now?), you can join TwitterFeed. Try to increase your followers. More followers more probability to get more traffic.
Thanks everybody. Don't forget to be my friend in Twitter. Follow me.

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Great stuff.I didn't know this information so far.Thanks for made me knowing this.

MarbleHost - April 03, 2009

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Thanks for providing a great tool for seo.Twitter is great and very useful.Really Twitter is great.

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Nice tutorial :)

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