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Submit to Popular Search EnginesSearch Engines are the source of huge amount of free traffic. Millions of People use search engine such as Google, Yahoo, MSN etc each day. To find your blog in search engines you have to submit your blog sitemaps. It does not assure that you will get a lot traffic from submission day. Here SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the great concerns to index your blog at first page of search result. Search this blog for different SEO tips to optimize your site for popular search engines. Before optimization, first and foremost duty is to submit your blog/site to search engines.

Add PayPal Donation Button Widget to your Blog

It is a great honour, if your readers wish to reward you for all hard works and effort  you have done for your blog. PayPal Donation button will help readers to easily send you some bucks via PayPal.

Add Digg Vote Counter Button Widget | Blogger Tips is site that categorizes the articles or posts by its popularity. If you put a digg button on your post, reader can easily digg your post. More readers digg your post more popular it is. More popular your post , more traffic you will get. You can see how many readers digg your post by Digg Vote Counter Button. This following tutorial explains how to embed a Digg Button into your Blogger Template, which will be shown in your each post. This button displays the number of times each post has been dugg.

Add Related Posts or Articles Widget | Blogger Tips

Related Posts Widget help visitors to find related articles on your blog. Many of your readers will remain longer periods of time when they see related posts of their interest. This Blogger hack is also useful tool to make your blog more professional. Related Posts are selected according to your categories, labels or tags that you add to your post. Now here is the Blogger tips or hacks on displaying related posts or articles under each post. To add this widget you need to know how to edit HTML code in Blogger. Here is the step by step insturctions to add related posts to your blog.

How To Create Recent Posts Widget | Blogger Tips

Recent Posts Widget helps visitors to quickly find latest posts of your blog or site. You can addthis widget in sidebar or footer of your Blogger blog or any website. There are two ways to create Recent Posts Widget. You can make this from directly Blogger Dashboard or from third parties side such as Feedburner. But in Blogger there is a limitation, you can only show 5 recent posts there. If you want to show more than 5 posts in widget than you have to use feedburner account. I will discuss here both processes.

How to show CSS HTML Scripts Code on Blogger Post

If you try to show some HTML, CSS or any Scripting language codes on Blogger Post directly then you may get some tag error messages or you may see blank spaces instead of code lines. To solve this problem you can apply a simple trick. You have to just modify your code a little bit.

Submit to Higher PR Blog Directory and RSS Submission Sites | SEO Tips

To build a website or blog is easy but to promote it is very hard. You will find thousands of websites those fail to gain profitable goal. As more and more people are getting involved with Internet, number of websites, blogs, online resources are increasing enormously. So getting exposure and high visibility to people is one of the most challenging task. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques play an important role here. The most traffic come from search engines. So it is good idea to optimized your blog or website for top search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, ASK etc. Google give a page rank of each Website considering it's popularity. And higher page rank websites get more priority in search listings. One way Backlinks is important for SEO and PR. Backlinks from higher page rank websites help you to increase your blog or site page rank. More PR drives more traffic from search engines to your site.

Google Adsense not showing up | ads limit per page

Why is my google adsense ads not showing up? or Is there any Google Adsense limit per page ? These are very common questions asked by new Google Adsense publishers. If you are reading this post then you may face same problem. So what may reasons behind this problem. First of all check, whether your google adsense account is disabled or not. There may be many reasons of adsense account disable. That topic is not concerned here. Now come to adsense limitation per page. Yes there is limit in number of ads for each page. You can have upto 9 ads per page. On any page, you can place:

How to Add Text Box or Text Area | Blogger Tips

There are times you need to add text into your Blogger post or sidebar. This may be welcome message, HTML/Javascript code that readers could copy, Terms and Condition that users can view. Moreover this could be "Link To This Site" code in Sidebar. To add Text Box or Text Area in Blogger Post or sidebar follow the instructions:

Submit your blog to Exalead Search Engine | SEO tips

Submit to Exalead Search Engine

submit to exalead engine

Exalead is one of the high ranked Search Engines whose present Google
Page Rank is 7/10. To get more traffic you can submit your sites or blogs
in Exalead Search Engine. Moreover, you can get a backlink from a higher
page rank website
. Submission to Exalead is very easy. Just follow the

What services Blogger Account offer you ?

Blogger Services
Blogger or is a free blog hosting site. They give you free space to host your blog. But many of us don't know what more services a Blogger account offer us. Here is some information about what single blogger account will hold: