Google Adsense not showing up | ads limit per page

Why is my google adsense ads not showing up? or Is there any Google Adsense limit per page ? These are very common questions asked by new Google Adsense publishers. If you are reading this post then you may face same problem. So what may reasons behind this problem. First of all check, whether your google adsense account is disabled or not. There may be many reasons of adsense account disable. That topic is not concerned here. Now come to adsense limitation per page. Yes there is limit in number of ads for each page. You can have upto 9 ads per page. On any page, you can place:

  • three standard ads unit
  • three link units
  • two search boxes
  • one video unit
Here standard ads unit includes text and image ads, only image ads and only text ads. So check your page now. If you are still stuck just post a comment.

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Pix (Admin) - July 30, 2009

Nice, thanks I was wondering if there was a limit.

wofer - March 12, 2010

how in this blog they have more adsense ads

bhavik patel - November 18, 2011

nice information i have showed my problem now see on my blog

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