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There are times you need to add text into your Blogger post or sidebar. This may be welcome message, HTML/Javascript code that readers could copy, Terms and Condition that users can view. Moreover this could be "Link To This Site" code in Sidebar. To add Text Box or Text Area in Blogger Post or sidebar follow the instructions:

1.Editable Text Box

This textarea code allows user to input text:
<textarea rows="3" cols="10">
Your Text Here
Now let's explain the code. Here no of rows are used to modify text box height and cols are used to as text area width. If the lines exceed the specified area then automatically a scroll bar will appear at the text area side to view all contents. Look at carefully, users can edit your text or write words here. This is what readers will see:

2. Readonly Text Area:

Text Box may contain some information such as privacy policy which readers can view but can not edit the text. This is the readonly text area code:
<textarea rows="5" cols="20" name="Privacy Policy" readonly="readonly">
Your text here
You use here "readonly" attribute such that readers can only view and copy. The attribute "name" indicates the text box name. You can write down here anything you like. I have just named it as "Privacy Policy" because I will show privacy policy in text box below:

Link To this site TextBox

To display code of link to your blog or site in sidebar, you need readonly textarea:
<textarea rows="5" cols="20" name="Link To Blog" readonly="readonly">
Your HyperLink Code Here

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eBooks - August 01, 2009

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thanks so much, i read this tutorial every day LOL.. yeah, weird i know =P

N.S. Rana - November 05, 2009

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Alexiel - December 03, 2009

is there a way to remove those
tags in the text area?

Anonymous - April 05, 2010

Thank ya very much LOL. This was so helpful.

Xylem - October 06, 2010

Very simple and useful,thank you very much.

Anonymous - January 20, 2011

how i will post this to particular email (the entered Textbox texts)

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