How to add YouTube Video | Blog Tips

For many reasons Blogger can embed Video in posts. A post about funny things can. If you want to insert your own video, then sign up for a YouTube account. Then upload video in your account and get the embed code. You will get this code at right upper corner.

How To Add ‘Read More’ Link with Thumbnails | Blog Tips

"Read More" is one of the leading popular Blogger hacks that make the blog more professional like. Short story of your latest posts in Homepage with "Read More" link help visitors to read summary before full post. Visitors can navigate their interested post easily which will make them stay more times in your blog. With this hack before each summary there will a thumbnail image to make it more beautiful. This Blogger Trick will automatically create post summaries with thumbnails.

Remove/Hide Label Count from Blogger Blog Categories

 "I am back again. I was totally busy in previous week for my exam. Thanks for your patience"

Welcome to another Blogger Tip to remove or hide Label Count from Blogger Blogs Sidebar. This is easy tricks. Many of Bloggers does not want to show Label Count because of it looks little bit unprofessional. In this post I try to help Bloggers to vanish Label Count from Categories.

How to Add Search Box Widget | Blogger Tips

Search Box WidgetSearch Box offers readers to find out more topics inside a blog , site or whole web . Every Blogger should keep at least one search box in his blog. It also increases page impressions of a blog. I have explaind here two ways to add search box widget in Blogger template.

Anchor text | SEO tips for Blogger

Anchor Text is one of the important topics in SEO (search engine optimization) world. It determines the ranking for a specific keyword. If it seems unknown to you, keep exploring this post to know all about anchor text. I have explained here definition , importance and optimization of anchor text for your blog.

Open Discussion on Blogging Ethics

Dear Readers, I have just launched an Open Discussion on Blogger Blogging Ethics. You may contribute by participating here. The purpose of this open discussion is to share your experiences on blogging with interested people around the world. A lot of amazing and successful stories of Bloggers are scattering here and there. I recommend you to share those stories here to inspire other Bloggers. If you are beginner then read those discussion topics to be a good blogger and to make your future blogging life better.