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Anchor Text is one of the important topics in SEO (search engine optimization) world. It determines the ranking for a specific keyword. If it seems unknown to you, keep exploring this post to know all about anchor text. I have explained here definition , importance and optimization of anchor text for your blog.

What is Anchor Text ?

The anchor text (also called link title , link label) is a visible text which is used for a hyperlink. Anchor text normally gives the contextual information about the content of the link destination . The word contains in the anchor text determine the ranking of that page by search engines. I will now explain it with a simple example.

"Blogger Tips -The place for Latest Blogger Tips and Tricks"

Here clickable text "Blogger Tips" is the anchor text. When search engines crawl a web page the anchor text tells them the content of that link. So when a search engine will face above link, it will assume that the link is about "Blogger,Blogging,tips,tricks ..... related keyword. Google , Yahoo , MSN and other search engines will give rank higher for those keywords.

Many of Bloggers do not know the significance of anchor text. Instead of using appropriate keyword into a clickable link , they use extra text such as below:

"For Latest Blogger Tips and Tricks - Click Here"

In the above case the search engines assume that the linked web page is about "click,here... which are totally unrelated to website or blog.

Anchor text importance in Search Engine Optimization !!!

Anchor text is like a keyword. It is ranked highly in search engine algorithms because the linked text usually gives the content info of the landing page. It will increase search engine ranking of your Blog or website. And the purpose of the search engines is to provide highly relevant search results. As many the same anchor text is used to link a website , that site will be better in search engine result ranking for that keyword. So anchor text is very important if you want your website to be in the first page of search engines for a particular keyword.

Anchor Text Optimization

Anchor text enhances the relevance of the targeted page. So anchor text optimization can be used throughout your site to increase the relevancy of most of the posts of your blog. When linking to internal pages, it is better to use appropriate anchor text just like below:

"Anchor Text - Know all about Anchor text optimization"

Instead of

" To know all about SEO - click here "
Isn't really simple. This small thing can make a huge difference. If you are thinking to purchase any incoming one way backlinks, put some thoughts in writing title and description of the link pointing to your Blog or web site. More backlinks with a specific anchor text, more chances to rank at first page of search engines and more visitors to your website.

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