Open Discussion on Blogging Ethics

Dear Readers, I have just launched an Open Discussion on Blogger Blogging Ethics. You may contribute by participating here. The purpose of this open discussion is to share your experiences on blogging with interested people around the world. A lot of amazing and successful stories of Bloggers are scattering here and there. I recommend you to share those stories here to inspire other Bloggers. If you are beginner then read those discussion topics to be a good blogger and to make your future blogging life better.

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1. What is a Blog ?
See what people is thinking about a blog or web log. Discuss what you know about blog. Share it with your friends.

2. Your Purpose in Blogging ?
Why do you decide to start a blog ? Many of pro blogger think that a blog is used for personal online diary or to make money online so on. What are your purposes to choose blogging. Discuss it here.

3. What is your favorite Blog Platform ? Why ?
There are a lot of Blog Platforms such as Wordpress, Blogger, Typepad etc.. See Top 20 free blog hosts here. Which one do you prefer for blogging ? Discuss this topic here for helping Beginner to choose best platform.

4. Blogger Ethics !!
Are their any ethics the web log community should follow ? What a blogger should do and never should do. Join this "Blogger Ethics" discussion to know or to inform it.

5. The role of Blogs in Society !!
Do you think a blog can play an important role for society ? Why do you think that ? How can a blog be used to help society ?

6. Your Success Story on Blogging World !!
If you have a beautiful story to inspire Beginner Bloggers or , share it here. Many bloggers got success on Blogging World in different ways such making money a lot, creating a community to help poor people or society and etc. Keep a look here for successful story.

7. etc....

Thanks for your patience. You can suggest more topics for discussion. Now share it with friends using social bookmarking button below.

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