Remove/Hide Label Count from Blogger Blog Categories

 "I am back again. I was totally busy in previous week for my exam. Thanks for your patience"

Welcome to another Blogger Tip to remove or hide Label Count from Blogger Blogs Sidebar. This is easy tricks. Many of Bloggers does not want to show Label Count because of it looks little bit unprofessional. In this post I try to help Bloggers to vanish Label Count from Categories.

I explain  here step by step :

1. Login with your existing Google email account and password.
2. From Dashboard -> Layout -> Edit HTML . (Before editing HTML backup your template in hard drive).
3.  Select "Expand Widget Template" check box. Now search for following code:
<span dir='ltr'>(<data:label.count/>)</span>
Remove this code and save the template. Now Label Count will not appear in the categories. For example:

Before                                                                       After
Anchor Text (1)                                                  Anchor Text
Blogger Templates(14)                                      Blogger Templates
Twitter(3)                                                            Twitter
 FeedBurner Help(4)                                       FeedBurner Help

I hope you like this Blogger Tricks. Now share it with other Bloggers.

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TechFancy - June 26, 2009

your blog is really useful.... keep posting!!

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