How to Add "Print Page" option | Blogger Tips

You may want to give option for visitors to print your post directly from your blog. This blog tips show you how to do this  task easily.

How to Add Retweet or Twit This Count Button in Blog Posts

The philosophy behind the blogging is about connecting and sharing. You can share your knowledge or experience with person sitting other side of the earth. Twitter is a master to accelerate it.  Twit This or Retweet Button will show increasing  number each time anyone click that.

How To Put Facebook Share Count Buttons For Blogger

Facebook is one of leading social networking website. Share Button will help readers to inform other about your post. It will increase traffic as well as acquaintance of your blogs or sites.

How To insert Share This Social Bookmark Button Code | Blogger Tips

Share This or Social Bookmark Button after each post help visitors to share his or her favorite articles with other around the world. As well Blogger can get more traffic from social network website like facebook, twitter etc. In this post I have shown how to embed share this button with different bookmarking sites in blogger post.

How to put Adsense code in middle of blogger post

Normally each visitor visits your blog to read post. So if you put adsense in the middle or anywhere of post, ads can get clicked more frequently. It will  help to earn more $$.

How to Embed Adsense code in Left or Right corner of Blog post offers different place to embed adsense code in blog post. You have to analyze right place where your revenue increase comparatively with other place.
This post show you how to add adsense code in left or right corner of Blog post.

How To Insert Adsense Ads In Blogger Post

Blogger Tips to insert google adsense ads or other html in different place of a post. This article is about to place Adsense before post title, after post title and at the end of blog post. This will help those who make some extra cash from a blog.

How to Add Adsense ads inside Blog posts

This Blog tips expose adding google adsense or other HTML code inside Blog posts. To make money with blogging, this can help you to increase CTR. Beginners can easily add adsense with following guidline.

Overview of New Post Editor in has initiated a new post editor. Those who are blogging in like me can enable this new editor. Some new features have been added to help the bloggers.

How to enable new Editor

To enable the new editor, first navigate to your blog's Settings | Basic tab. Near the bottom of the page you will see a field called Select Post Editor, and from there you simply need to select Updated Editor and save your settings. That's it! Now on to the new features...

How Search Engine Optimization works - lesson 4

seo techniques
In the series of how search engine optimization works, here we will discuss two essential search engine optimization techniques or we can say two philosophies of seo: white hat seo technique and black hat seo technique. From the name we can guess the meaning, white hat means good,positive or ethical techniques that are recommended by search engines and black hat means negative, risky or manipulative seo techniques which are not encouraged by engines.