Overview of New Post Editor in Blogger.com

Blogger.com has initiated a new post editor. Those who are blogging in Blogger.com like me can enable this new editor. Some new features have been added to help the bloggers.

How to enable new Editor

To enable the new editor, first navigate to your blog's Settings | Basic tab. Near the bottom of the page you will see a field called Select Post Editor, and from there you simply need to select Updated Editor and save your settings. That's it! Now on to the new features...

New Features

  • Improved Image Handling
  • Improved Raw HTML
  • Add your location to your posts with geotagging
  • Posts are now timestamped at the date and time they are published, not when they were originally created
  • Vertical resizing
  • Easy link editing in Compose mode
  • Full Safari 3 support on both Windows and Macintosh.
  • New Preview dialog
  • Placeholder image for tags
  • New toolbar

For details see here.

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