How To Add Animated JQuery Social Bookmark icons | Blogger Tips

I have already written some posts on Social Bookmarks. You can find some of them here:
1. Adding Social Bookmark Icons
2. How to Add Share This Button
3. How to insert Facebook Share Count Button
4. How to embed Retweet or Twitthis Button

Today I will show how to add animated Social Bookmarks icons in Blogger or Websites. It will use JQuery to do the task (Demo).

How to Add Animanted Link or JQuery Link Nudging

Many visitors want to know how to add animated Link in the blogger or website. This tutorial will describe how to use JQuery for Link Nudging.  You can find a demo here.

How to add Jquery in Blogger or website

Those who are interested on JQuery Implementation on Blogger or any Website can apply the following tips. It is not tough just copy and paste the following code in your header tag.

How To make Table of Content | Blogger Tips

If you wanna to see your all posts title in same place then you can apply this tutorial. This is a simple tips.

How To add "Link to your Blog" widget | Blogger Tips

Blogger may offer viewers to link your blog back from their websites or blogs.It is a great approaches to get free one way backlinks. In this tutorial, it will be discussed how to add "Link to this blog" widget using a normal text box. You may show button link or text link. Both are shown here.

How To Add Comment Form Under Every Post | Blogger Tips

Comment acts as a bridge to set up communication between blog author and readers.It is a very helpful feature for every bloggers.Authors get inspired to know feedback from viewers. It may be positive or negative. So We can easily integrate comment form under every post with no extra effort.

How To Open Links in New Window or New Tab | Blog Tips

At present there are three options to open a link of your blog in browser. They are “open in same window”,”open in new window” or “open in new Tab”. You may choose anyone. But one thing you should know,”open in same window” means If you link another website or blog from your post then visitor will follow that link and leave your blog. Here We used  target="blank" to open the link in new page or window. We can also use target="new" instead of target="_blank".Both are same.


If you are beginner in blogging world, then you may search many time “what is the feed URL of my blog”. Here is all possible feed URL in Blogger host. I divided it into some categories: blog feed, comments-only feed, label feed and individual post comment feed. Let’s have a look below:

How To Add Pop-Up Message | Blogger Tips

POP-UP message will be shown when visitors visit your blog. If you want to give special message to readers then you can use this blogging technique. Since we will use Javascript code, so if the viewer has disabled Javascript on browser this may not work. To see this POP-UP message you have disable pop-up blocker in your web browser.

How to use "Alt Tag" to Optimize Image | Blog SEO tips

Image can be a source of huge traffic from search engine. Not all  but only optimized images can do that. In the learning series of search engine optimization, today i will try explain how to use “ALT TAG” in images. Don’t confuse it with Meta Tag. It is just like other normal HTML tag that is used as alternative text when non-textual elements cannot be displayed. seo-alt-tagTo fully optimize images we have to consider two ways. One is filename and another one is alt tag. So we can take advantage from distinct filename of all images and “alt” attribute. Alt comes from alternative. It allows you to specify alternative text for the image if it cannot be displayed for some reason. Alt text is accurate description of the image. When search engine crawls a webpage(how search engine works)  it  considers filename and alt tag as content of image.

How To Add MARQUEE TEXT | Text Animation

Today in this tutorial, I will expose a simple Blogger tricks that will explain how to add moving text or text animation in post. You can move text from left to right ,right to left, up to down or down to up. To add a animated text you just need to use <marquee> tag.  It is also called marquee effect. Lets begin with simple examples.

How To Get Know When Google Bot Last Visit

If you want to know when the google bot last visit to your websites or blogs then you can add this gadget to your blogs.

If you want to add this gadget Get it here
See how to add a gadget in a Blogger blog.

How To Add Technorati Rank Widget | Blog Tips

Technorati is an Internet search engine for searching blogs.The name Technorati is a portmanteau of the words technology and literati, which invokes the notion of technological intelligence or intellectualism. It is challenging to rank up your blog in Technorati.

How To Disable Right Click on blogger blog

Many blogger wants to disable right click on their blog because of preventing theft. Are you surprised thinking who can steel from a blog ? haha.... It assures that nobody can copy post or image. But I think as a blogger you should share knowledge through world wide.

How To Add Yahoo Index Pages Checker | Blog Tips

If you are blogging to make some extra cash, it is essential to submit your blog to popular search engines for getting huge free traffic. Normally search engines send a lot of traffic comparing with referring sites. Yahoo is one of the leading search engine. This tutorial will show how to check whether your blog or website is indexed on Yahoo or not. You can insert this yahoo index page checker in the body of post or add as a gadget in sidebar.

How to add Different Meta tags to Different Blogger Posts | SEO Tips

If you are beginner in SEO and does not have any idea of Meta Tag, just read this post first about Meta Tag.It is very good for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Actually, why we are adding meta tags is to tell search engines what that page is all about... but, using same meta tags to all of your blog posts lessens the search engine rankings and traffic little bit.

How To Add Background Sound to Blogger

This blogger tip is really interesting. If you want to play music or any audio sound when somebody visit your blog or website, then follow the instruction below. It is easy to set up.

Blogger Error: Page Not Found ps/rpc_relay.html

Google Webmasters Tools was reporting a crawl error on multiple pages of some of my blogs. The error message was: Page not found http://page_url/ps/rpc_relay.html Some other folks who encountered this error on their blogs saw a drop in their blog traffic too.

How To Insert Flash SWF Files to Blogger

If you follow my blog then you know how to insert youtube video and how to add audio file in blogger post. This tutorial will explain to you how to embed flash files into your blogger blog.

How To Embed Audio,mp3,.wav music Player to Blogger

Somedays ago, I explained how to embed youtube video on Blogger post. Today in this post I will show you how to insert a mp3 player into your blogger blog to listen audio file. Both Blogger tips are nearly same.