How To Add Background Sound to Blogger

This blogger tip is really interesting. If you want to play music or any audio sound when somebody visit your blog or website, then follow the instruction below. It is easy to set up.

1.Log in to your dashboard--> layout- -> Edit HTML

2.Now Find out <head/> tag.

3.Copy below code and paste it just after <head/> tag:
<bgsound loop="-1" src="YOUR-AUDIO-FILE-LINK"></bgsound>

Note: Replace "YOUR-AUDIO-FILE-LINK" with your real URL of audio file .

4.Now save your template and you are done.

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TripTo Love - July 29, 2010

that's good i need that's... thx

Trevor_Cunnington - August 03, 2010

This didn't work for me. I copy/pasted it under the tag, but there was no slash...

Laurent GoAnimal - December 10, 2010

what kind of audio file does it support?

what about webradio stream?

thx :-)

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