How To Disable Right Click on blogger blog

Many blogger wants to disable right click on their blog because of preventing theft. Are you surprised thinking who can steel from a blog ? haha.... It assures that nobody can copy post or image. But I think as a blogger you should share knowledge through world wide.

1.Log in to your dashboard--> layout- ->Page Elements
2.Click on "Add a Gadget" on the sidebar.
3.Select 'HTML/Javascript' and add the code given below and click save.
<table bgcolor="#cccd94" border="0" style="width: 400px;"><tbody>
<tr><td><script language="JavaScript">

//Disable right click script III- By Renigade (
//For full source code, visit

var message="";
function clickIE() {if (document.all) {(message);return false;}}
function clickNS(e) {if
(document.layers||(document.getElementById&amp;&amp;!document.all)) {
if (e.which==2||e.which==3) {(message);return false;}}}
if (document.layers)

document.oncontextmenu=new Function("return false")
// -->

Hope, now nobody can press righ click on your post. Happy Blogging...

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