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Image can be a source of huge traffic from search engine. Not all  but only optimized images can do that. In the learning series of search engine optimization, today i will try explain how to use “ALT TAG” in images. Don’t confuse it with Meta Tag. It is just like other normal HTML tag that is used as alternative text when non-textual elements cannot be displayed. seo-alt-tagTo fully optimize images we have to consider two ways. One is filename and another one is alt tag. So we can take advantage from distinct filename of all images and “alt” attribute. Alt comes from alternative. It allows you to specify alternative text for the image if it cannot be displayed for some reason. Alt text is accurate description of the image. When search engine crawls a webpage(how search engine works)  it  considers filename and alt tag as content of image. It means what the image is trying to show up. If a user is viewing your site on a browser that doesn't support images, or is using alternative technologies, such as a screen reader, the contents of the alt attribute provide
information about the picture. Don’t use “image1.png” or “image2.png” as filename. Try to change it keyword of post content. Such as you may use “alt-tag.png” or “seo-alt-tag.png”

Good Practices for optimizing images:

  • Use brief but descriptive filename and alt text
  • Avoid writing long alt text that may be considered spammy
  • Avoid writing extremely length filename for image
  • Supply alt text when using images as links. It works as anchor text
  • Use most browsers supported file types - JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP
  • Store all images in same directory. It means for your website you can use single folder named images like “”

First time, it may look overloaded for updating alt tag. But take it easy. Look what i have done here. In this post I have written about alt tag to optimize an image and i use an image. If you look carefully I have used  “seo-alt-tag” both image file name and in the alt tag. So now i will get traffic both from images search or web search.

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