How To insert jQuery Slide up and Slide down Effect to Blogger

Using Jquery you can hide a portion of contents of blog or website. Then when visitors click to see it then that portion will be shown. You can see a Live Demo here. You can insert this effect anywhere in your blog. You can add this at your sidebar(see How to add Gadgets) or you can simply add it in post or article. Just copy and paste below code to add Slide up and Slide down Effect to your blog.

<script type="text/javascript"> 
$('#butSlide').click(function () {

<button id="butSlide">Slide up/down</button> 
<br />

<div style="width:350px;height:80px; border: solid 1px black;background-color:LightGrey;text-align:center;" id="divSlide">Insert your content here</div>

You can change the value of height,width,background color,..... I hope you like this jquery hide and show effect tricks. You can see a live demo here. LIVE DEMO. You can also see How to insert Jquery in Blog or Website.

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Anonymous - December 25, 2011

how do i set this up for comments , i would like to have my comments do this in blogger.

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